medical oncology

Medical Oncology

The Department of Medical Oncology at Prolife Hospitals is known for its superior patient care and clinical outcomes. Medical oncologists work together with the surgeons and radiotherapists in deciding the treatment and delivering it. The team efforts help the patient receive an effective care and best possible quality of life.

The team of oncologists, physicians and other specialists are collectively dedicated to provide top-class services for patients suffering from various types of cancer. Our team of doctors and surgeons are trained from renowned institution. Every year our team of doctors provides care and treatment for over more than 2000 odd children and adults suffering from various cancers and also many complex cancers with utmost dedication and commitment.

With the latest technology, skilled physicians, compassionate staff and well equipped wards Gleneagles Global Hospitals provide care for all the patients. Gleneagles Global Hospitals strive to provide quality care and it exceeds patients’ expectations.